Print, radio and TV ads and public service announcements combine our writing, marketing and creative skills. We also team with AdLib, a Eugene ad agency, to ensure proper placement and the best rates for our clients.

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Lane County

To create top-of-mind awareness ads that would draw potential volunteers, we did our research, including a focus group and telephone interviews. Then we developed two ads: one for “action” audiences; the other, for those moved by “heart” messages. Usage alternated each week, resulting in calls every time they ran.

Employers Health Alliance (EHA)
Employers Health Alliance Ads

We worked with EHA’s designer to create inside-front-cover half-page magazine ads that were definitely not “business as usual.” we suggested graphic elements, layouts, checked for details like complete images and font sizes/types, and supervised production. Ole Blue and his compatriots were a howling success!

Jody Coyote / Oak Patch Gifts
Judy Coyote/Oak Patch Gifts Ads

Shoppers know the Jody Coyote brand. So when parent company Oak Patch Gifts held a warehouse sale, we grabbed the attention of newspaper readers with our ad – and then got out of the way of the savvy, fashionable bargain hunters who swarmed the sale!