Print, radio and TV ads and public service announcements combine our writing, marketing and creative skills. At Public Relations Services, we also team with ad agencies to ensure proper placement and the best rates for our clients.


You want to tell your story and sell your product so we use excellent design to make your material work for you. We’ve even produced a brochure in Japanese! Scroll through the following examples of our work.

Secret Shopper

What impression is your team making on your customers? Does your competition do it better? Use our secret shopper service to make the most of your interactions!


Ad for Healthcare Group

Staff at Public Relations Services worked with EHA’s designer to create inside-front-cover half-page magazine ads that were definitely not “business as usual.” We suggested graphic elements, layouts, checked for details like complete images and font sizes/types, and supervised production. Ole Blue and his compatriots were a howling success!

Sale Ad for Wholesaler

Shoppers know the Jody Coyote brand. So when parent company Oak Patch Gifts held a warehouse sale, Public Relations Services grabbed the attention of newspaper readers with our ad – and then got out of the way of the savvy, fashionable bargain hunters who swarmed the sale!

Ad to Recruit Volunteers

To create top-of-mind awareness ads that would draw potential volunteers to CASA, staff at Public Relations Services did the research, including a focus group and telephone interviews. Then we developed two ads: one for “action” audiences; the other, for those moved by “heart” messages. Usage alternated each week, resulting in calls every time they ran.

Brochure to Introduce Healthcare Organization

New logo, new benefits plan, national design award. We took elements like the names of virtually all of the county’s physicians and strong berry-red color, added simple text and a gloss coating, and created a great first impression of a new organization.

Logo for Healthcare Organization

To freshen a healthcare organization’s logo and provide a versatile foundation for the logos of its subsidiaries, we created a green flowing line that echoes the water and mountains of the service area while hinting at progress. Designs for subsidiaries were variations, all in the same green. Public Relations Services also coordinated the naming and logo development for the subsidiaries.

Postcard for Healthcare Professional

Forget the envelope! To reach an optometric physician’s patients, we divided the client list into common interests – parenting, older adults, etc. – and created oversized postcards full of information relevant to their particular interests. The embossed masthead in foil, combined with brown ink, cream cardstock and simple illustrations, created a good impression and kept the eye doctor in touch with his patients.

Brochure for Specific Audience

Asked to develop a brochure for Japanese parents about an Oregon school district’s foreign student program, Public Relations Services researched Japanese design preferences and knowledge of Oregon. The result? Many small photos throughout the brochure, plus a map showing the school district’s location in relation to Pendleton, the site of a then-popular Japanese television show.

Customized Newsletters

Sanipac, the area’s largest garbage hauler, used its newsletter to tell commercial and residential customers about recycling. Public Relations Services won a national award for our highly readable newsletter concept, which included separate editions for each type of customer, standing features, and seasonal colors and illustrations.

Client Testimonials

Interested in working with us?
Check out some of our client testimonials below!

Tremendous Asset

Volcano Ad Agency Partner

“Marilyn put together a concise, comprehensive media training session for us and our client that not only taught us all we need to know, it had our client gushing with gratitude. Negotiating the media morass can be daunting and Marilyn helped our client understand how to maintain control and power in the spotlight. Her skills and knowledge are a tremendous asset for anyone facing a public relations issue.”

Joy Archer, co-owner, advertising agency

Professionalism and Technical Awareness

AlphaShop Network Services, Inc.

“It is a joy to work with Marilyn as she adds a professionalism and technical awareness to the team mix and we highly recommend her as an added asset to any web project.”

Ben Moseley, owner, web commerce company

Wealth of Experience

Serenity Lane Director of Marketing

“Serenity Lane has had the pleasure of working with Marilyn Milne since 1998 when we hired her to organize Serenity Lane’s 25th anniversary celebration. It was a huge success! Marilyn has done a fine job as community liaison with the City of Coburg as we move forward with building the new Serenity Lane campus there.

She writes news releases, oversees media relations and has been a great “secret shopper” for us too. She writes profiles for our annual community benefit report and our alumni newsletter, plus newspaper columns to support one of our branch locations. In addition, she plays a major role in our yearly Community Awards Breakfast. She serves on Serenity Lane’s marketing committee and a subcommittee developing our five-year marketing plan.

Marilyn is a trusted advisor to our president and CEO, as well as our vice president of development and me.

Marilyn brings a wealth of experience to every assignment. She is professional, ethical, conscientious and effective.”

Mary Daniels, former Marketing Director, Serenity Lane