Ad to Recruit Volunteers

To create top-of-mind awareness ads that would draw potential volunteers to CASA, staff at Public Relations Services did the research, including a focus group and telephone interviews. Then we developed two ads: one for “action” audiences; the other, for those moved by “heart” messages. Usage alternated each week, resulting in calls every time they ran.

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Icing on Cupcake

Editing, Writing

“It’s as though you put extra icing on my cupcake! Thank you.”

(Kathy Smith, KJ Smith Associates, after reviewing Marilyn’s edits of her article)

Working Partner

Serenity Lane

“Marilyn Milne is the consummate professional. She has been a working partner with us for many years. She coordinates our public relations strategies, helps with crisis response, and is very effective with media relations. We consider Marilyn to be part of our team.”

Larry Bradley, Vice President of Development, Serenity Lane