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Get Your Story Told

Whether it’s media relations, social media, community relations or counsel, Marilyn Milne will provide the guidance and actions that help you achieve your goals.

By working with Public Relations Services, you’ll receive senior-level expertise and one-on-one attention.

Review this website to see how we combine strategic communication and uncommon service, and then contact us!

Examples of our work:

    Social Services Website

    Our client, Parenting Now!, grew a new website with our assistance. We raised the site to new capabilities: more content; rotating slides; easy-to-find information; a clean, modern style; and search engine optimization.

    Website Redevelopment, Maintenance & Support

    With three weeks until its launch, we stepped in to finish the Sanipac site’s first upgrade. Our goal was to create a user-friendly site with search engine optimization. Public Relations Services staff managed the site through two more revisions and eight years of site revisions and real-time edits.

    Using Emails to Recruit Volunteers

    Court Appointed Special Advocates needed more volunteers to serve as the voices of abused children. Public Relations Services turned a volunteer’s account of her CASA experience into a 5-part e-mail that piqued the interest of employees at supportive businesses. With a customized close that urged participation, the very first e-mail made the phone ring immediately after it was sent!

    Campaigns & Consulting

    Campaigns and strategic actions are successful if they are built on research and experience. Happily, Public Relations Services regularly hits home runs. Please contact us for more information on how we can help you achieve your goals.

    Media Relations

    We know which stories will resonate with reporters. We know how to pitch ideas that meet clients’ goals. We conduct successful media training so our clients make the most of their media time. The result is a placement that works for the company and the media. Take a look at these examples.


    Say something and make it readable: those are our goals when we create newsletters, ads, website and e-mail copy, speeches and brochures. Read on for examples!

    Social Media & Websites

    It’s a web, web, web, web world! From web content to the sites themselves, Public Relations Services will log on so your communications are effective.

    From our own site, which was the first for a Eugene public relations firm, to your new site, Public Relations Services is ready to apply research-based writing, technology that works for your audience and search engine optimization so you get noticed in all the right ways.


    After an event, everyone should feel the glow of success: the event’s goal has been met, the attendees enjoyed themselves and the stage is set for more progress. And because we’ve managed all the details, you were able to be a guest, too! Click on these examples of large and small events we’ve successfully organized.



    Print, radio and TV ads and public service announcements combine our writing, marketing and creative skills. At Public Relations Services, we also team with ad agencies to ensure proper placement and the best rates for our clients.


    You want to tell your story and sell your product so we use excellent design to make your material work for you. We’ve even produced a brochure in Japanese! Scroll through the following examples of our work.

    Secret Shopper

    What impression is your team making on your customers? Does your competition do it better? Use our secret shopper service to make the most of your interactions!

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